iconnect.atsu.edu launched today. Now the ATSU community can stay connected through the various social networks that are integrated into iconnect. I spent about 2 1/2 months on the design and development of it, I also worked with Lee in Communications & Marketing. She had a great vision for what iconnect could be and worked to get meaningful stories and content on the website. You can follow iconnect on Twitter and also follow ATSU news releases on Twitter

If you work at ATSU, look for something special in your mailbox that has something to do with iconnect.

There’s another ATSU publication that will be hitting the web really soon. Can’t wait!.

I was recently browsing a few of my past Visual Communication professor’s websites. I found my work highlighted in their ‘student work’ section. Check them out here.

http://bethsteffel.com/html/studentweb5.html (live site here)
http://bethsteffel.com/html/studentweb6.html (live site here)
Beth now teaches in San Bernardino, CA at California State University

I also found my ‘yes we can’ Obama video on Gary’s website.

http://www.garyrozanc.com/index.php?id=403 (see the whole series here and here)
Gary just started at Truman last Fall and is probably best Viscom professor I’ve ever had.

It’s humbling to see your professors highlighting your work on their website. Always a nice surprise when I randomly come across it.

Simplicity is not the goal, It is the byproduct of a good idea and modest expectations

—Paul Rand


Logo for the Student Government Association at ATSU – This is to be used on their brand new website that I posted a few weeks ago. Will be in WordPress – should be come out nicely!
iconnect – a website that connects the ATSU community through various social networking all in one place. I can’t wait for this to launch – The URL has been blurred out since it’s not live yet. This is a magazine ad that will be in Still Magazine soon.


Financial Aid videos for ATSU – the most extensive use of web videos at ATSU to date – I think… Again I can’t share the URL since it’s only for a select set of users. The previous and next buttons use jQuery to ‘slide’ to the next video. An example is here.


So I decided not to include the other 10 million design projects I worked on this week – so I collaged them into a small space.  This week included an iconnect magazine ad, blackcat billboard ideas, newspaper ad for meadow heights, SGA logo, iconnect subpage design, creative improv subpages, financial aid video slideshow, blackcat illustrator recreation and a bunch of programming.



I haven’t come up with more than one variation based on the critiques yet. This is one idea that is more balanced and uses some background texture. I still want to try more type variations and have the cat ripping through the billboard (the ripping idea is thanks to this cool dude.)


As always – give me your feedback and critique – Is the background too much? Any ideas for the type? Is it timeless? Will it look dated in a few years?

“What I’m trying to produce is the visual equivalent of the chord change that makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand up.”

-Rian Hughes
{source: http://quotesondesign.com/rian-hughes/}

I’m currently working on designing a billboard for fredericktown school district – it’s a project meadow heights church is doing for the school. First I had to re-illustrate the low resolution blackcat that I was provided with. There’s gotta be a high-res version floating around somewhere – now I have my own – and it only took 12 hours to recreate.

Vector Blackcat – gotta love the pen tool and wacom tablet


One idea for the billboard


Variation of the last idea


Totally different idea – it already feels dated to me – almost like a late 80’s, early 90’s school t-shirt or something.

Anyone have some ideas for background textures/elements and or other ideas that could help these designs? I’m open to anything!

@ the Pageant in St. Louis
Railroad Earth @ the Pageant in St. Louis


Do you have what it takes?


This photo is one that my aunt gave me about a year ago. It’s my dad and other aunt in the 60’s. The photo was almost beyond repair, with the graininess and lack of contrast. I made good use of the burn tool. First I made it black/white then began layering color in and then burned  more contrast in.


Another message series! I’ll have another one to post in two weeks. This one was a borrowed set of graphics from LifeChurch.tv. What is borrowed is the glass image and ‘remember’ logo. The rest is a unique design that fits the Meadow Heights ‘style’. It’s funny that Meadow Heights ‘style’ is identical to my design style. I just counted how many message series graphic sets I’ve designed for Meadow Heights….. drum roll please….. 28!



Still being developed, but I just had to share this. This is website numero deuce that I’ve developed for ATSU. It follows the same style that atsu.edu does and still has it’s own identity. The most important aspect is the ATSU blue banner that is consistant across all ATSU websites. The footer is a unique aspect that will be used on all new websites I develop. It’s an alternative to the global navigation at the top of the website.



This is a sneak peak at an even less developed website. the goal here is to globalize the two SGA’s – one for Arizona campus and one for the Missouri campus.