f8.0 – 1/180 – Speedlight with no modifier coming from below and behind subject.

f4.0 – 1/180 – Speedlight with blue gel below table aimed at background.

F4.0 – 1/180 – Speedlight with honeycomb grid coming from back left side. White reflector on right side. Christmas tree in background.

1/80 – Free-lensing with 50mm lens – using reversal ring to mount lens backwards. Speedlight with mini-softbox coming from top left. Close-up of Pentax K1000 camera.

f6.7 – 1/180 – Speedlight handheld with mini-softbox on the bottom right side of this light fixture.

Free-lensing with 80-200mm Pentax lens (that came with the camera in the photo). I was standing 7ft away – and zoomed to 200mm to take this shot. I plan to purchase a adapter that will allow me to use these 20-30 year old Pentax lenses on my DSLR. Speedlight with mini-softbox sitting on table to the front right of camera.

1/180 – free-lensing with 28-75mm lens – using new reversal ring. Speedlight handheld with mini-softbox on left side.

f4.0 – 1/180 – Speedlight with mini-softbox handheld on left side.

Composite of 2 photos. First photo: f6.7 – 1/90 – Speedlight with mini-softbox coming from top right to light the wooden box. Second photo: f32 – 30 seconds – No speedlight – to get tree lights looking good.

This was done with two photos. First photo was f4.5 at 1.5 second shutter speed. This was to spotlight/focus on the canvas print on the wall – for this, the I used a speedlight with honeycomb grid aimed at canvas print. The second photo was taken at a 30 second shutter speed at f32 to get a sunburst effect on the lights. The two photos were composited together in Photoshop