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Korean Math becomes gecKo mathematics
The Korean Math project that I spoke about previously has sort of warped into having it’s own identity. The new name is ‘gecko mathematics” Why, I don’t know. Your guess is as good as mine.

What will happen when a possible sponsor asks what the concept behind the gecko is? We won’t have an answer… unless we say the truth which is,”because the professor’s grandkids like gecko’s.” This situation has confirmed to me the importance of a concept, even if it’s a simple one.

The website design that I presented previously is now programmed, thanks to my 4 hours of work. It is located here.

Korean Math Redux
I mentioned in the last post that I would be redesigning the Korean Mathematics website for a professor. I have previously done illustration for this project. First let’s see the current website design:

I wanted to make the navigation easier to… you guessed it, NAVIGATE. The wording of the links were also very ambiguous. “Help American Education”… ok but how and “what will happen when I click on this?”

Also there is a faux logo. It looks like a logo but it’s really not, its just some clipart paired with a title.

Text as images: See those quotes below the photo? that’s one big image. This website’s largest image contains quotes that don’t even need to be images.

Use a grid: as my viscom professor, Rusty would say… “let me see what grid you used to lay out that page.” This one doesn’t have a grid. I don’t always use a grid, mostly because I automatically use one without thinking about it. Sometimes it’s VERY necessary especially when figuring out hierarchy. To view the grid in Photoshop use Ctrl + ‘


Here it is with my grid turned on:

I clearly defined the logo, even if it is just text. Simple is better. I think I read this on Seth Godin’s website: “Let your products/content give meaning to your logo”

I made the navigation stand out and moved it to the top. I also made the titles of each navigational link shorter in length and larger in size

The most important part of the website is highlighted below the logo, which happens to be where the viewer looks first.


I’m currently working on redesigning and programming Truman’s Agricultural Science website.
Their current website can be found at

I posted sketches of the design a month or so ago.

These are screenshots of the live website.. I have the homepage done and one secondary page done. Now, the time consuming part is to create all the secondary pages.

the new homepage design – click to enlarge

the new secondary page design – click to enlarge

I implemented transparent PNG graphics on the homepage, so the dark brown logo is semi-transparent and is layered above the photograph which changes on refresh.

The Z-Index which is basically the layering of text and/or images in CSS/HTML is used to make the logo graphic on top of the photographs.

It’s just like layers in Photoshop, it has the same pros and cons, except layers in CSS require a lot more technical knowledge.

Wow! 137 unique visitors came to my website in the first day of my website being launched. Only a third of that number are people I personally invited to view it.

I had one visitor from France, one visitor from Bulgaria, and one visitor from Australia… simply: wow.

Below are the visitors from the US. the larger the dot the more visitors from that area there were.

I finally launched my website Tuesday night. I spent about 2 weeks designing it and 2 days programming it. I have learned this semester that the design of a website should be done without a computer. And then the computer should be used as the tool to make the website happen.

My goal was to focus on simplicity… yes.. basically focus on the using as little ‘fluff” or extra stuff as possible. I’ve always been interested in how a design can be implemented with the least amount of design elements. In other words, only using something in my design if it is necessary to get the message across. I also wanted to push myself to use negative space and typography. The results are at

Here are three designs I came up with. They will be presented to the Faculty on Monday for their approval.

My recent Viscom III Project was to choose two websites on the internet that needed to be redesigned. I chose two sites that I have been closely involved in during high school. and
Sargent’s website was designed in 2003-04 and I had no formal graphic design skills. I decided to see what I could with this site, by giving it a fresh look. In no way is it as extensive as their current site (which has over 300 pages), But I think it reaches the target audience of older business owners and subcontractors.
RPI Music is something Craig Allen (high school computer science teacher) and I designed during Web Design and my Keyboarding class. I didn’t really do any real assignments in keyboarding… as a result the keyboard is a foreign object and I ‘hunt-n-peck’ my way through writing anything… Just kidding.
Anyway… RPI is a guy who Mr. Allen went to college with. He’s a singer and plays guitar.
Enjoy my latest stuff. Let me know what you think. Be truthful, be harsh, after all my art professors will tell it like it is.. and be blunt about it, when they don’t like our stuff. I’m used to it.

I have created a website design for It’s going to be finished by tonight. This is a website/graphic design company that I will possibly be working for and this website design is part of showing them my skill level.

So I finished the website for my Viscomm class in about 15 hours in two days. From Saturday night at 11 PM until Sunday night at 8:30 PM I worked on this website, minus a few hours of sleep and an hour for church. I posted the website at

Has anyone ever heard of Texas Red Sullivan? Well, it’s my third-cousin’s dad. My third-uncle I guess?? Well he plays piano and blues/rock/jazz music. He has asked me to build a website for his band. Apparently he is going to have a show on the food network because he can cook some killer barbeque stuff. So he wants a website for that also. I just found a news article about him at … there’s a picture of him. Yeah.. so I’m excited to have another website project.

One of my next projects for Viscomm is to present research on a web designer or design groups… These are what I’m currently looking at to research:

I’m trying to find one that has similar design ideas that I do or has produced work that I hope to someday, or that I see myself wanting to create.

Spring Break:
I’ll be home working at Sargent Construction.. doing their website. I will also be trying to finish up and maybe working on

This weekend, I have to finish up a website and get it programmed by Monday. We had to make something up so I chose a jazz tv channel. I designed the logo and drew the saxophone player. I’m not sure if I can finish it up in time. Because we also have to have a poster done to accompany the website.

Another project I did this week is for Partners in Prevention, a state-wide campaign on campus about not drinking alcohol… or something.. not really sure, I just do the website 🙂

Here is what I came up with.