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Cactus at Sunset

Photographing Mesa, Arizona

In mid March, while it was still below freezing in Kirksville, I flew to Mesa, Arizona where the weather was perfect in every way. The trip was for work, but it was not without it’s fun times. I spent my last evening there at a local park and captured some photos of the desert landscape at sunset.

Although I only spent about 45 minutes shooting photos, I got some keepers.

You can check out more of my desert & cacti photos on iStock – where you could even license them for your own use!

As you may know, I sell stock photos and raster illustrations through many of the top stock photography websites. I sell on iStockPhoto, Shutterstock, and PhotoDune (among others). It’s been a cool way to hone my photography skills and make some residual income.

This morning, I browsed to to check my stats… and what do I see? One of my illustrations in use on the iStock homepage! Check out the screenshot and then the illustration that they used. It’s an honor to see that the creative folks at iStockPhoto liked my work enough to use it on their homepage!

Click through to see the iStock homepage

Here’s the illustration that they used. Click through to see the illustration for sale on iStock.


This year’s Graphic Designer Bundle from PhotoDune & Graphic River is pretty awesome. There are so many useful photos, fonts, icons, graphics, etc. I was lucky enough to have one of my photos included in the bundle (below).

You might remember that I was also recently interviewed on the Envato blog. Well they also recently made one of my other photos the free file of the month for October (shown below). Let’s just say that I’m feelin’ the love from Envato/PhotoDune lately!

Chicago Skyline Panoramic
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If you would like to purchase the above image, I’m selling it here.