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Spent the evening setting up a photoshoot in the living room. I’ve been meaning to photograph the newest member of my growing collection of vintage cameras. I used my off-camera speedlite shooting through an umbrella and then I tried out my new Tamron 28-75 lens. f11 and 1/90th, if you are interested.

Here are few more photos from Bennett Spring

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Going through my hot air balloon photos, I found these two. They are of the same balloon taken a few second apart. This first one has the sun right behind it, illuminating it.

A few seconds later, I took this photo. I love the different results I got within a matter of seconds. No wonder they call it the golden hour.

Chicago Skyline Panoramic
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If you would like to purchase the above image, I’m selling it here.

At the car show, we got there quite early. I was tired, but man was that a great time to take some landscape/scenery shots. The car show was on September 11, 2011 and they had placed American Flags at the entrance to the car show. I found a cool angle where the sun was behind the flag illuminating it.


I was also lucky to have captured this moment, where a veteran is saluting the flag as the military march through, right before the singing of the National Anthem.



I had the pleasure of photographing a car show a few weeks ago in Kansas City. I’ve never really shot classic cars, or any car for that matter. It was a fun challenge to take some good photos of the 100+ classic cars, trucks and bikes. Here are some of my favorites. The 2nd car below was the grand prize winner!



I woke up at 5:30 a.m. to get this photo. It was definitely the golden hour! I found some great spots to shoot (thanks to a old friend from the city)

When we went to Des Moines, IA for a weekend, we got to watch 100’s of hot air balloons take off at sunset at the annual balloon festival in Indianola. This particular balloon never could make it off the ground. The basket was extra small and a boy who seemed to be 10 yrs old or so was the ‘pilot’… He was going to fly solo. He had a helmet on – you know… safety first!

If you would like a print of this let me know!