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I added a subtle cross-process effect to this and a bit of texture. The more I look at this, the more it reminds me of the colors from this famous work.


Since I’ve learned a lot about photography and post-processing since my visit to Seattle a few years ago, I decided to take a second look at my photos to see what I could do with them. My initial version of this photo was to make it black and white – I have it for sale on Shutterstock here.

Here’s a version where I pushed the contrast and edgy-ness a bit.

I’ve never photographed fireworks before, unless you count that one time in Seattle when I failed miserably and the photos came our really horrible.

This time I came a bit more prepared by watching this video by Jared Polin, aka ‘Fro Knows Photo’. If you are just learning photography, his videos are pretty informative. His videos with his grandma are pretty adorable, too. Ha!

Enjoy two of my favorites!

Trumpeter, John McNeil, who played in the Horace Silver Quintet was the guest artist. Since there was very poor light – literally only light coming from behind, I did what I could with the available light.

Before they performed.

Tim Aubuchon listening to a solo by John McNeil

An audience member illuminated by lights – enjoying the music.

I’ve posted this photo on the blog already, but after seeing him perform again, I was compelled to make it black/white instead of color. Enjoy!

These photos are a result of a photo exercise I took on. I recently read on a blog that at some point, photographers should try this:

Go to a location, whether it’s indoors or outdoors, and spend 15 minutes there. Spend the first 10 minutes observing your surroundings. Don’t put the camera to your eye or take photos. Look for interesting subject matter, composition, line, shape, etc that can be photographed. Then spend the next 5 minutes shooting photos of what you just observed.

I went to my backyard and tried it. It was amazing the things I saw. I pushed to focus on interesting lines and shapes and their relationships.

This one shows the fence sort of extending on via it’s shadow. I liked how you see all fence, and not shadow. I like that sort of illusion.

This one is all about intersections and line… and of course rule of thirds.

My favorite – where there is a strong relationship between the 3 flower pots and the 3 circles on the concrete.  I love the design aesthetic of the 3 circles in the concrete paired with regular, old flower pots – but yet they relate because the concrete circles were created from the pots.

We were recently in Fredericktown, MO to visit my mom for the holidays. This is a shot I took of a pretty cool sunset one evening. I literally took this photo right off the camera with no color correction or enhancement.

Finally had time to review more of my photos from that one epic night in Columbia listening to John Scofield at the Blue Note. Really satisfied with the shots I was able to get.

Contact me or comment if you would like prints, by chance.