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Goldie on Saxophone

Snowy Sunset

Castor River Shut-ins

Truman State Winter Sunset

Truman State Clock Tower

Truman State Winter Sunset

↑ Used off-camera flash and reflector to achieve this.

↑ No off-camera flash used. The cat is being illuminated by window light.

Spent some time at Thousand Hills State Park here in Kirksville photographing the fall colors.


My brother came to visit for a few days and I was teaching him a bit about photography, and we were ‘comparing notes’ between photography and what he has learned in film school… so I thought I would capture a few portraits of him in front of my studio window. The window light along with help from a reflector made for the perfect lighting.

I took similar portraits of my wife here.

Here’s a iconic, rotating, neon sign in Seattle, WA. It has been there since 1955 and so I thought it would be cool to process this photo as if the photo was taken a long time ago.