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Dragonfly photos available to license at

Lately, I’ve rediscovered macro photography. My first macro photo was shot in 2014 during my photo project. I had a macro photo shooting session with my pal, Jamie Carroll and we discovered this dragonfly just chilling on a plant in my backyard. I decided to put my speedlight on a stand and shoot some macro photos (50mm lens mounted backwards). The speedlight adds some extra contrast and lighting that really makes these great.

My macro photo gear consists of lens extension tubes and a reversal ring. Altogether, this gear cost maybe $30. Combined with my 50mm lens and Canon Rebel XS camera, this setup is plenty good enough for me. It’s not about the gear, it’s about your eye.

I have 17 photos of the dragonfly available for license at See them all here!

Snacking and hanging at the beach

Amelia and mom on the beach


Macro flower photo

I used 50mm lens attached to extension tubes and used manual focus and natural light.

Macro flower

f4.5 – 1/180 – Speedlight with shoot-through umbrella coming from top left. I used my pentax 85-200mm lens from the 1980’s. It’s a manual focus/aperture lens – so that’s fun!

1/180 – speedlight with mini-softbox coming from top right side. First photo using my new extension tubes. This one is just my 50mm lens with all three extension tubes added. Extension tubes allow for getting a bit closer than normal.

f8.0 – 1/180 – Speedlight with shoot-through umbrella coming from straight above. Small reflector on front right side. White foamcore blocking light to create background gradient. Lighting setup similar to what is explained here.