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Ever since I was a student at Truman and was in the jazz ensemble and a few jazz combos, I’ve enjoyed checking out the jam session that occurs on jazz fest weekend every year. Enjoy these photos I captured of the group performing some great jazz.

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jazz saxophonist

jazz saxophonist

jazz saxophonist

Trumpeter, John McNeil, who played in the Horace Silver Quintet was the guest artist. Since there was very poor light – literally only light coming from behind, I did what I could with the available light.

Before they performed.

Tim Aubuchon listening to a solo by John McNeil

An audience member illuminated by lights – enjoying the music.

I’ve posted this photo on the blog already, but after seeing him perform again, I was compelled to make it black/white instead of color. Enjoy!

Finally had time to review more of my photos from that one epic night in Columbia listening to John Scofield at the Blue Note. Really satisfied with the shots I was able to get.

Contact me or comment if you would like prints, by chance.

This is the coolest project I’ve worked on in a while. It’s a poster to advertise the annual Jazz Festival at Mineral Area College, where my Creative Improv counter-part, Michael Goldsmith teaches music and leads the jazz ensemble.

Why did I love this project? I could combine my love for jazz music, art and design and create something that really embodied jazz.

A bit about my design process

I spent hours sketching Delfeayo and coming up with a really loose sketch that could be incorporated into the poster. I was try to re-live this style. After much tweaking, layering and coloring it just didn’t have the right feel. Failure… but that’s OK – because it made me think about other ways to bring the ‘hand-drawn’ feel to the poster. I decided to the make the text and background elements all have a hand-drawn feel and leave the photo pretty much as is.

The above sketches were all drawn with marker on tracing paper, then scanned and layered in Photoshop to create the final, colored illustration.

Inspired by the hand-drawn feel above, I took some of my own watercolor textures and layered them in the background and over the left side of the suit jacket (subtle, eh?). Then I added some hand-drawn typefaces in various angles. I wanted it to have a bit of a haphazard, hand-created, imperfect feel.