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Cactus at Sunset

Photographing Mesa, Arizona

In mid March, while it was still below freezing in Kirksville, I flew to Mesa, Arizona where the weather was perfect in every way. The trip was for work, but it was not without it’s fun times. I spent my last evening there at a local park and captured some photos of the desert landscape at sunset.

Although I only spent about 45 minutes shooting photos, I got some keepers.

You can check out more of my desert & cacti photos on iStock – where you could even license them for your own use!

Two days ago I began selling photography and illustration exclusively at I’m ecstatic! This means I’m no longer selling photos at all the other stock photography websites. I’m consolidating my efforts and becoming a more focused creative in the process. You can check out my portfolio here.

A little over 3 years ago I purchased my first DSLR camera and began learning the in’s and out’s of photography, while simultaneously signing up for I was slowly uploading and selling photos as I learned more and more. Of course, my skills were honed that much quicker because my friend, Jamie Carroll was going on shoots with me and teaching me everything he knows. I can’t thank him enough for teaching me much of what I know today. In fact, I’m still learning new things about Photoshop and photography from him almost weekly.

I’ve also enjoyed success at other stock photography websites, like having one of my photos included in’s  Graphic Designer’s Bundle, and being featured in a monthly blog series where creatives are interviewed. I previously contributed & sold images through many of the other microstock photography sites (shutterstock, dreamstime, fotolia, etc) and found that it was simply too much work to continue contributing everywhere as a ‘non-exclusive’ contributor… so I choose to become exclusive to just one of them. That choice was!

Enjoy some of favorite photos that I’ve shot during my 3-year journey to this point (some aren’t necessarily for sale on iStock)

As you may know, I sell stock photos and raster illustrations through many of the top stock photography websites. I sell on iStockPhoto, Shutterstock, and PhotoDune (among others). It’s been a cool way to hone my photography skills and make some residual income.

This morning, I browsed to to check my stats… and what do I see? One of my illustrations in use on the iStock homepage! Check out the screenshot and then the illustration that they used. It’s an honor to see that the creative folks at iStockPhoto liked my work enough to use it on their homepage!

Click through to see the iStock homepage

Here’s the illustration that they used. Click through to see the illustration for sale on iStock.


I have to admit – I had a lot of fun creating this image. It started out in the studio with fellow designer, Jamie Carroll – using his new grid and seamless background to create the nice vignette and shaped light on the background. Then I tweaked it a bit in RAW and dropped it in Photoshop. From there, I grabbed a few of the smoke photos I took previously and screened them back and masked them to fit the image perfectly. Now if only I could get rid of those 4 awful sensor spots that I have to keep cloning out in all my images. (don’t mind the watermarks – just a preventative measure after some images were used without permission in the past)

An experimentation with smoke photography. Colors added in post production. To see more of my smoke photos and license them for your own use check more of them out at iStock.

istockmic istocksax

istocksaxsnare2 istocksaxsnare

Recently Jamie and I did a photoshoot with musical instruments, including his guitar and drums and my saxophone. Here are a few of the shots I got. I’ve put these up on for sale. You can also purchase prints of them by clicking on the image above and finding the ‘Prints’ box at the bottom right of the page.

You can see the rest of my photos on iStock here.

A brown duck at the St. Louis Zoo

Yesterday midday, my first photo was accepted to!

Check out my iStock portfolio. I’ve got four photos in there so far. 18 more photos are waiting for acceptance.

So, when my office at A.T. Still University moved down to the basement with other creatives (I know that’s so stereotypical sounding… ‘a basement full of creatives’) , I’ve found myself being inspired more often than not. I’ve also starting learning a lot more about photography. With the advice of Jamie and Kelly, I purchased a new Canon Rebel XS and started asking them a million questions on how to use it.

I got the camera about a month ago and a week ago I was accepted into as a photo contributor. I’m totally stoked to start selling on iStock.

Here are a few photos that are waiting for approval on iStock