Monthly Archives: June 2014

f5.6 – 1/125 – Speedlight with orange gel aimed at background. Subject handheld in front of camera.


f5.6 – 1/180 – Speedlight aimed at background from left side. Another speedlight with mini-softbox aimed at subject coming from right side.


Mountain Dew bottle

f5.6 – 1/180 – Speedlight with green gel aimed at background from left side. Alien Bee light with shoot-through umbrella light bottle.

Vintage National Geographic Magazine

f6.7 – 1/180 – Speedlight with honeycomb grid aimed at magazine to have a focused spotlight effect. Second speedlight with blue gel aimed at seamless background coming from right side of magazine.

Colorful abstract pattern

1/180 – Free-lensing with 50mm lens. Two speedlights aimed at background. One speedlight with blue gel and one speedlight with green gel.

Abstract pattern

1/180 – Free-lensing with 50mm lens. Speedlight with honeycomb grid coming from right side.

Water drop

f9.5 – 1/750 – High speed sync with cord from camera to flash. Speedlight with red gel hand held above water aimed slightly at white background. Manual focus used.

Water drop

f8.0 – 1/180 – Speedlight on right side, with blue gel, flagged off and aimed at a small, white background (hand-holding rogue flashbender in place behind water). Manual focus utilized.

Abstract vase

f3.5 – 1/180 – Speedlight with blue gel aimed at background.