Magazine spread

f.5.6 – 1/125 – One light shooting through an umbrella coming from the left side.

The story behind the photo

This magazine is one that I worked on during my internship in 2008. I interned at August Home Publishing in Des Moines, IA and had the pleasure of designing every article in this particular magazine. I worked closely with an art director, illustrator, photographer and writers to make everything look great. Special attention was paid to how page numbers/section titles/drop caps/tips/headings would look, since they were used all through-out the magazine. I learned a whole lot about being detail-oriented and making sure a design style is carried through the whole magazine. I never have placed any of this work in my portfolio because I always felt weird about showing magazine spreads for something that was currently for sale – but since it is currently sold out and you can’t actually read the text in this photo, I thought “what the heck”.

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