Monthly Archives: January 2014

white bird

f6.7 – 1/180 – bounce speedlight into my new 60 inch reflective umbrella with white reflector on the right side

Mountain Dew Bottle

f5.6 – 1/180 – bare speedlight aimed only at gray background with bottle very close to background causing a soft illumination.

vase on pink background

f3.5 – 1/180 – pink gelled speedlight on background, no light on subject

Good intentions

f6.5 – 1/180 – shoot-through umbrella

artist's mannequin

f3.5 – 1/180 – bare speedlight with blue gel pointed at background. Speedlight flagged off to avoid light hitting subject

vintage camera

f4.5 – 1/125 – shoot-through umbrella on right and white reflector on left

Brass vase

f8.0 – 1/125 – snoot on left point into gold reflector.

ornate brass vase

f9.5 – 1/125 – speedlite with snoot coming from behind on left and reflector on right.

Paint brushes
f8.0 – 1/125 – speedlite with snoot from behind with white reflector on front left

Trumpet wire sculpture

f8.0 – 1/125 – shoot-through umbrella