• Married Rebecca, my beautiful wife
  • Began working from home once a week
  • Starting using a budget and paid off 6 debts using the Dave Ramsey ‘debt snowball’ plan
  • Grew Creative Improv 18% this year and 48% in the last 2 years
  • Continued to hone my photography skills (really understanding exposure, aperture, etc)
  • Grew my stock photography portfolios and began earning money from stock sales
  • Started selling audio files on AudioJungle – recordings of my saxophone playing – Check them out!
  • Featured in the Envato Graphic Designer Bundle (with this photo)
  • Featured in an interview on Envato Notes

A few years ago, Seth Godin challenged his readers to think about what they ‘shipped’ the previous year. So here’s what I ‘shipped’ in 2011 (and this doesn’t include my full-time job – just freelance work):

  • 81 stock photos
  • 10 websites
  • 7 HTML emails
  • 5 logos
  • 1 motion graphics piece (featured at a large tradeshow)

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