Monthly Archives: October 2010

So, I’m pretty new to still life photography and photography in general – but I’ve found some techniques/processes that seem to work for me – allowing me to create a technically sound image that is sharp and in focus at 100%

I was especially excited with the recent photos of these fake grapes. I basically hung them from a wire in my white/lightbox. I have 4 shop lights at 200 watts each shining on the grapes – as seen in the reflections on each grape in my before image.

Once I got the image on the computer, I added a bit of vignette and then dropped it into Photoshop from some levels work. I raised the levels a bit on a few different layers and touched them up to reduce the harsh reflections.

The image is available at Shutterstock!

My 25th birthday was last week and my birthday gift from my fiancee, Rebecca was some lighting equipment: an umbrella, light stand and hot shoe adapter. Now I can setup photo shoots using a one-light setup. I tested out some portraits using dramatic lighting. I was using the reflector for some shots but decided to use it as a backdrop instead. It ends up looking a lot like a metal wall. Check it out!

Excellence is not a skill, it is an attitude.

—Ralph Marston

You don’t learn to be excellent, you learn to work your butt off and do your best in everything. Excellence will be the likely outcome.