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Does this facial express not say blues to you? I really wish this one was a bit more in focus, but the expression was too good to keep off the blog. Enjoy!

I hit up the Blue Room in Kansas City on 18th and Vine Street. There was a great jam session that went on for hours. The organist, Rich Hill had laid his drink down for a moment and I thought the lighting was just perfect.

Looked through my Seattle photos and found this one... it looks a lot cooler in black and white than in color.

I would say my biggest pet peeve related to the industry would be people focusing on technology instead of design, standards instead of users, and validation rather than innovation. Web standards and best practices are noble goals, but all too often in our community people forget they are a means to an end, not the end itself.

Jeff Croft

A perfect implementation of the wrong specification is worthless. By the same principle a beautifully crafted library with no documentation is also damn near worthless. If your software solves the wrong problem or nobody can figure out how to use it, there’s something very bad going on.
—Tom Preston-Werner

The same could be said about designer-hacks who steal a design (say, of a logo) and implement it for a totally different client. The design may be beautiful but it didn’t solve your client’s problem. It is a solution to a totally different problem. This is a failure on many levels.