So I just saw a facebook status update from Gary Vaynerchuk, who I respect as an entrepreneur. But is having a design contest to design his next book cover. He specifically says it’s not spec work, because the winner will be paid. You are correct, it’s not spec work for the winner, but what about the other hundred designers who send you a cover idea? They aren’t getting paid and aren’t under contract with you.

Here’s his video introduction to the contest.

Here was my comment on his facebook status update:

There are so many comparisons I could have used, even one that would hit home with him. How about I ask multiple stores that sell wine to send me a bunch of free wine. I’ll drink it all in the next month and the one that I like the most… I’ll pay for. The rest, I’ll just send a thank you card to.

Or I could ask my dentist, who says I need a tooth removed, to remove it and if I like what he did, I’ll pay him, but if not, I won’t pay him.

UPDATE: A lot of people responded to me, so I responded to them and have posted the thread below. What do you all think about spec work?

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    You are SO controversial!

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