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A few a weeks ago, Rebecca and I headed to St. Louis for Krys’ wedding (I designed her wedding program/invites/etc – those will be posted soon!)

While we were there I got to go to the top of the Arch for the first time. I snapped a few pictures to later merge into a panoramic. I read in Scott Kelby‘s Digital Photography book that Photoshop has an ‘auto-merge’ option for creating panoramic photos. It worked beautifully, minus a few sky exposure inconsistencies and just a bit of choppy stitched edges that I cloned out.

For this image, I ended up repainting a consistent blue sky. To see the original, unedited sky, check my twitpic out here

I can’t wait to get my 21″ x 7″ print to come in so I can frame it. If you anyone is interested in purchasing a print, email stephen[at] (where [at] is the @ sign)

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