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Babe Ruth was a Home Run king but he was also a strike out king. Always go for the fences, even if it means some designs strike out with clients. That’s the only way to hit a home run.

Alex Zevallos

I took this a few days after I got my camera (that being last September). I basically stood 2 feet from the street with my camera on a tripod and got yelled and honked at during my 30 minute photoshoot.

F-Stop: 22, Shutter speed: 30 seconds, ISO 100

A person tends to critique a design in one of several ways. The most common, and usually least valuable, is by gut reaction.

D. Keith Robinson

I totally agree here. I remember back when I interned at Workbench Magazine (now My Home My Style) and the Assistant Art Director, Doug Appleby would critique the magazine spreads I designed. Note: I would get his advice and critiques multiple times a day. He would always look at it for a minute or two before even saying a word. I believe he was really analyzing what I designed and what he thinks of it, instead of just saying his gut reaction.

Have You Met Miss Jones

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Moment’s Notice

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We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act, but a habit.

— Aristotle