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To continue the theme of old school music recordings that I played on. Here’s ‘A’ Soundsketch which I was featured on, I performed the lead part throughout the whole song the long solo section halfway through. There is so much about this that I wish I played better, like for one, playing louder and closer to the mic and also building the solo more.

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This from when I was lead tenor saxophone in one of Truman’s jazz bands back in 2005. I miss playing in jazz band… they need a community jazz band!

I’ve been listening to some old music that I performed in various bands in high school and college and came across this one.

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It was performed in 2003 at the MO-IL Bi-State Band with Lt. Col. Lowell Graham directing the band. He was the former Air Force Band director. This song was dedicated to him and written by Ira Hearshen.

Performing that song under Graham’s direction has to be the greatest musical experience I’ve ever had. The final note of the song during our performance felt like it blew the roof off the place…it was that loud/balanced/glorious and this recording doesn’t do that justice at all.

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Recently Jamie and I did a photoshoot with musical instruments, including his guitar and drums and my saxophone. Here are a few of the shots I got. I’ve put these up on for sale. You can also purchase prints of them by clicking on the image above and finding the ‘Prints’ box at the bottom right of the page.

You can see the rest of my photos on iStock here.

An early Fall sunset at Truman State University

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An early Fall sunset at Truman State University