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While shooting photos at Thousand Hills, I almost ran into a deer (literally) so I stopped and got some pretty good shots of it.


The deer turned to acknowledge the biker in the distance. What a cool moment.

Check out this article on whether freelancing is a commodity or a profession.

My favorite part is this:

There seems to be a basic disconnect between what is needed to earn a living as a freelancer and what clients seem to want (at least on these outsourcing sites) to pay. The disconnect goes even deeper. Suddenly a client can define all aspects of a job from price to design, causing the designer’s role to change from that of a professional to that of a technician. It is unnerving.

I have to admit, though, I HAVE entered design contests in the past. I did so knowing that I may not win and get compensated for my work. I actually did win one contest for a website header, but it was the worst experience. because there were probably 20 revisions by the client and there was no contract to set the limits. Essentially I had no control over the project.

I won’t say that I’ll never enter another design contest, because I did enter another one only a month ago. I can say that I will do so with caution and much forethought, if for no other reason than to build my portfolio, when I’m looking for a particular client or project to include in my body of work.

A brown duck at the St. Louis Zoo

Yesterday midday, my first photo was accepted to!

Check out my iStock portfolio. I’ve got four photos in there so far. 18 more photos are waiting for acceptance.

So, when my office at A.T. Still University moved down to the basement with other creatives (I know that’s so stereotypical sounding… ‘a basement full of creatives’) , I’ve found myself being inspired more often than not. I’ve also starting learning a lot more about photography. With the advice of Jamie and Kelly, I purchased a new Canon Rebel XS and started asking them a million questions on how to use it.

I got the camera about a month ago and a week ago I was accepted into as a photo contributor. I’m totally stoked to start selling on iStock.

Here are a few photos that are waiting for approval on iStock