Monthly Archives: December 2007

I’m currently doing a freelance design job for the City of La Plata. Their website was in great need of a redesign. Check out a designed simulation of the homepage here.¬†Currently, I am in the programming stage of this project. Website projects usually start with a discovery stage which involves meeting the client and finding out exactly what they want and who their target audience is. Next, I create a website design via Photoshop based on the discovery meeting. I then get their feedback based on what they feel will be a website visitor’s responses. It is important to ask not what “they” think of it but what their target audience will think. Personal preferences should never have a place in this stage, unless it is their personal website (even then, it is still about their audience).¬†Then I get design sign-off and approval to go ahead with the website programming. After programming, the client should have a few days to look through the website as it will be when it goes live. At last the website is uploaded and live!

I got to shoot some photography for this project. Since it is for a small town, I took my camera down to La Plata and just drove around taking photos of their little town and all that it has to offer. It had just snowed the night before and made for some great photos. Look for them soon.

I was stopped by a fella while taking photos and he asked if I was redesigning the website (that’s how small the town is… everyone already knows me). He runs the Pulp Museum (the author of Doc Savage was born in La Plata) and is interested in a website for it. Funny how work just falls into my lap.


I recently created a newspaper ad for the Christmas gatherings at Meadow Heights Church. I went for a sort of web 2.0 style, combined with my own style of simple and clean design. Check out the design work for the Imagine Campaign I worked on for them.

Here are a few of my final Illustration projects:

World Record

This was done in watercolor and represents a world record. The world record I chose was a man who could balance a car on his head. I chose to make it seem like an everyday occurance


The prompt for this illustration was to represent the number 8 and also make it a personal statement. I hope you can see the 8 (my head and body).


This project had to represent a sound of our choosing. I chose ‘silence’ and wanted to use the same concept that John Cage used when he composed 4’33”. That is, although his piece of music had no musical notes, there was still music or sound to be appreciated in those moments. The song was made up of all the audience noise, the storm going on outside, etc. I used a cricket to represent the “silence” in this piece.