Monthly Archives: September 2007

My old roommate, Paul, plays every Wednesday at the Salamander Grill. He plays guitar and is in a jazz combo with trumpet, sax, bass, and drums. If the great food at the Salamander doesn’t entice you to go.. then great music should. 

Paul asked me to create a poster to advertise their gig every week. This was a quick and easy 20 minute job.

gumbojazz poster

I continue to do advertisement design for the Adair County Drug Coalition. I got this concept for an ad from the “”. I really like how impacting the message is.  I used the Wacom Tablet for the marker lines and did all of this in Illustrator

Adair County Drug Coalition Ad

I’m also going to begin designing a billboard for them, while balancing a logo design for a local church and a large print design project for Meadow Heights Church.

All this while taking two studio art classes and working two campus jobs. I love it or I wouldn’t do it.