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Newspaper Ads in an hour

I kind of fell into doing a few designs for a newspaper ad to be featured in Kirksville’s Daily Express. I was chatting with my boss about how I saw my logo for the Drug Coalition on the billobard and she mentioned she had an hour to get an advertisement designed.. So I offered to help since I was taking her time by talking. Here are the two possible black and white designs:

Latest Website Design
I recently posted this in a contest that was later cancelled. I’m begining to enjoy creating website for practice. I can mess up and learn from my mistakes while waiting for another website job.

video editing company

logo design. gecko style .
I finally got to putting the “limber” gecko into my existing gecko mathematics logo. I wanted to appeal to kids by making it look like it’s crawling around… a sense of movement in a still image.

I started out by rastorizing the ‘o’ in gecko
and cutting parts of it out to get the feel of the
gecko crawling through it.

I then did something totally different,

because it’s good try different things.
I used the gecko as an icon. I don’t like this one,
but I can’t say I didn’t try it.

My favorite. Only because the logo will be on the left
of the website so the gecko is crawling into
the webpage, rather than off the page.

Yet Another Gecko
I’ve finally created a likable gecko for the gecKo mathematics project. The previous versions are here.

I made the feet smaller and curved it’s body

Latest Projects
I recently worked on a very cool Flash project for Truman State University’s new website redesign. They wanted to have a photo slideshow on the homepage that could be dynamically created through a web form. Basically anyone can upload a photo, a caption and a link to the website/story corresponding to the headline/photo. When this form is submitted, the slideshow will automatically include the photo with caption/link

The project is here

I am by no means a programmer, but I work with another student who is. He did most of the programming and I did the Flash aspect of it. If you were to look at my Flash file you would see nothing on the “Stage” because everything was done with Actionscript, Flash’s scripting language. Strangly, Actionscript is very similar to Javascript.

Here’s a breakdown of what we had to use/implement:

  • Flash Actionscript which creates dynamic movie clips.. including code that would set a drop shadow, embed the correct font and set the placement of the text on the photo
  • A corresponding XML file that Flash pulls info from… this file also specifies the length of each slide, and how slow the fading occurs
  • An ASP email form/upload script which dynamically creates an XML file by first storing the data in a database

This is truly what Flash is meant to do. It isn’t meant to make meaningless welcome pages. The next generation of Flash is to incorporate ASP, PHP, Databases with it. No more of these pointless animations and all-flash websites.

“what the heck’s with geck?” continued…

I received valuable feedback on my first try at a gecko. These are my changes, I reversed the color to be dark on the edges and lighter at the center, made the eyes less scary, and made the gecko skinnier with smaller back legs.

On a technical note, I also changed the outline to the pen tool which gave me a consistent line weight and nicer curves (notice the tail)

I was playing with different layers and noticed that the gecko doesn’t look to bad when I just use the outline with the body color layer turned off. Also I liked the solid body color.

original first try

revised, skinnier, cleaner lines, more constrast

outline of gecko

solid color gecko