“what the heck’s with geck?”

That’s what the professor said her husband told her when he heard she was calling it Gecko Mathematics.

I echo that same question.

But I’m going with it, for now anyway. I’ve created an emblem. It’s only about 3 quarters of the way finished.

My Process:
I first sketched a few gecko’s from photos online. I then traced one of them with ink. Then I taped it to my Wacom Tablet and began tracing it into Photoshop with the Brush Tool. The key is to turn on “Shape Dynamics” and Other Dynamics” This makes your drawing resemble your normal style because the line gets lighter and thinner when pressing lighter and it gets darker and thicker when you press harder. This effect helps with the visual liveliness. After drawing the outline I filled it with a light green. Then I used the brush tool with slightly darker colors to draw in the darks, then I chose a lighter color to draw the highlights.

I have 3 layers in the document. 1 is the green fill, 1 is the outline, and 1 is the eyes created with the pen tool.

I do feel this illustration lacks some liveliness due to my color change in the outline. I took out the lightness and darkness and made it a solid green… I need to make it skinnier, define the highlights and darks to be more realistic, and then incorporate it into the logo for the website.

I’m open to your critique.

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