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gecKo mathematics

  • I’m working to complete all the secondary pages for this website, then I need to brainstorm ideas for how to present a math workbook online so that parents and teachers can see the teacher manuals and student workbook all on the same webpage. For all you teachers out there… I’m trying to create the online equivalent to a teacher edition book. The solution will be and should be much different than the typical wrap-around column with teacher notes on the outer edge and bottom of the page. Webpages aren’t print documents and can’t handle a very wide layout.
  • A gecko illustration is also needed for use on the website.

Worship Concert 2007 @ Meadow Heights

I get to create everything from website ads to the bulletin to the powerpoint slides. I still have the bulletin and powerpoint slides left to create. Here is a sneak peak:

website ad

front of the bulletin (8 1/2 x 11 turned on its side with the fold on the top)

Agricultural Science
I’m currently templating and programming the tertiary pages of the current website. I basically copy and paste the content from the current pages and put them in a blank webpages, then view the code to delete all the extra formatting that I’m using stylesheets for.

A screenshot sneak peak

See them live!
Homepage, Secondary, Tertiary

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