Korean Math Redux
I mentioned in the last post that I would be redesigning the Korean Mathematics website for a professor. I have previously done illustration for this project. First let’s see the current website design:

I wanted to make the navigation easier to… you guessed it, NAVIGATE. The wording of the links were also very ambiguous. “Help American Education”… ok but how and “what will happen when I click on this?”

Also there is a faux logo. It looks like a logo but it’s really not, its just some clipart paired with a title.

Text as images: See those quotes below the photo? that’s one big image. This website’s largest image contains quotes that don’t even need to be images.

Use a grid: as my viscom professor, Rusty would say… “let me see what grid you used to lay out that page.” This one doesn’t have a grid. I don’t always use a grid, mostly because I automatically use one without thinking about it. Sometimes it’s VERY necessary especially when figuring out hierarchy. To view the grid in Photoshop use Ctrl + ‘


Here it is with my grid turned on:

I clearly defined the logo, even if it is just text. Simple is better. I think I read this on Seth Godin’s website: “Let your products/content give meaning to your logo”

I made the navigation stand out and moved it to the top. I also made the titles of each navigational link shorter in length and larger in size

The most important part of the website is highlighted below the logo, which happens to be where the viewer looks first.


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  1. Michael Goldsmith
    Posted June 14, 2007 at 3:43 am | Permalink

    Man, what an improvement!! I love the clean look and the simplistic but very effective way you’ve chosen to organize the site. Great job Steve!!


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