Blast from the Past
I don’t know why I’m posting my design work from high school. If only to prove a point that Truman State University is teaching me something about design. I was a senior in high school when my then band director requested I design his website for his political campaign.

This was my first website job.

Notice my inclination for good typography… or lack thereof. I used drop-shadows and edges/strokes on all text. I used a script font, I used a pointless “welcome message”

All these are what I now know is generally bad to do.

You live, You learn.

website job number one

I won’t blame this on the software I was using, but it definitely didn’t help. Anyone ever hear of Microsoft Image Composer? It was shipped with old versions of Microsoft FrontPage. It is what I used until entering college and being forced to use Adobe Photoshop.

farewell dearest Image Composer

You’ll be missed

This program didn’t have layers, channels, pen tool, etc. It was essentially one layer and you could only “undo” once.

Only one undo.

You Photoshop guys wouldn’t survive in the world of one undo.

I survived.

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