I’m currently working on redesigning and programming Truman’s Agricultural Science website.
Their current website can be found at http://agriculture.truman.edu

I posted sketches of the design a month or so ago.

These are screenshots of the live website.. I have the homepage done and one secondary page done. Now, the time consuming part is to create all the secondary pages.

the new homepage design – click to enlarge

the new secondary page design – click to enlarge

I implemented transparent PNG graphics on the homepage, so the dark brown logo is semi-transparent and is layered above the photograph which changes on refresh.

The Z-Index which is basically the layering of text and/or images in CSS/HTML is used to make the logo graphic on top of the photographs.

It’s just like layers in Photoshop, it has the same pros and cons, except layers in CSS require a lot more technical knowledge.

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