Monthly Archives: April 2007

Wow! 137 unique visitors came to my website in the first day of my website being launched. Only a third of that number are people I personally invited to view it.

I had one visitor from France, one visitor from Bulgaria, and one visitor from Australia… simply: wow.

Below are the visitors from the US. the larger the dot the more visitors from that area there were.

I finally launched my website Tuesday night. I spent about 2 weeks designing it and 2 days programming it. I have learned this semester that the design of a website should be done without a computer. And then the computer should be used as the tool to make the website happen.

My goal was to focus on simplicity… yes.. basically focus on the using as little ‘fluff” or extra stuff as possible. I’ve always been interested in how a design can be implemented with the least amount of design elements. In other words, only using something in my design if it is necessary to get the message across. I also wanted to push myself to use negative space and typography. The results are at

Here are three designs I came up with. They will be presented to the Faculty on Monday for their approval.