My recent Viscom III Project was to choose two websites on the internet that needed to be redesigned. I chose two sites that I have been closely involved in during high school. and
Sargent’s website was designed in 2003-04 and I had no formal graphic design skills. I decided to see what I could with this site, by giving it a fresh look. In no way is it as extensive as their current site (which has over 300 pages), But I think it reaches the target audience of older business owners and subcontractors.
RPI Music is something Craig Allen (high school computer science teacher) and I designed during Web Design and my Keyboarding class. I didn’t really do any real assignments in keyboarding… as a result the keyboard is a foreign object and I ‘hunt-n-peck’ my way through writing anything… Just kidding.
Anyway… RPI is a guy who Mr. Allen went to college with. He’s a singer and plays guitar.
Enjoy my latest stuff. Let me know what you think. Be truthful, be harsh, after all my art professors will tell it like it is.. and be blunt about it, when they don’t like our stuff. I’m used to it.

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  1. Sarah S.
    Posted March 30, 2007 at 3:57 pm | Permalink

    they look great, babe! you are a web design star 😉

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