So I finished the website for my Viscomm class in about 15 hours in two days. From Saturday night at 11 PM until Sunday night at 8:30 PM I worked on this website, minus a few hours of sleep and an hour for church. I posted the website at

Has anyone ever heard of Texas Red Sullivan? Well, it’s my third-cousin’s dad. My third-uncle I guess?? Well he plays piano and blues/rock/jazz music. He has asked me to build a website for his band. Apparently he is going to have a show on the food network because he can cook some killer barbeque stuff. So he wants a website for that also. I just found a news article about him at … there’s a picture of him. Yeah.. so I’m excited to have another website project.

One of my next projects for Viscomm is to present research on a web designer or design groups… These are what I’m currently looking at to research:

I’m trying to find one that has similar design ideas that I do or has produced work that I hope to someday, or that I see myself wanting to create.

Spring Break:
I’ll be home working at Sargent Construction.. doing their website. I will also be trying to finish up and maybe working on

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  1. Michael Goldsmith
    Posted March 1, 2007 at 9:29 pm | Permalink


    Two others that I have recently discovered:

    One other interesting person might be Tim at Unique Ink here in Fredericktown. He is doing some very cool design work.


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