Macro flower

1/180 – First photo using a Pentax 80-200mm lens from the 80’s. I purchased an adapter to use this lens on my Canon camera. The focus and aperature are all manual – but the results are stunning. I love the background effect I get – the background was the neighbor’s yards.

f8.0 – 1/180 – Speedlight flagged off coming from back left. Mini soft-box as reflector on front right. Second speedlight unmodified aimed at background.

f8.0 – 1/180 – Speedlight with no modifier coming from below and behind subject.

f4.0 – 1/180 – Speedlight with blue gel below table aimed at background.

F4.0 – 1/180 – Speedlight with honeycomb grid coming from back left side. White reflector on right side. Christmas tree in background.

1/80 – Free-lensing with 50mm lens – using reversal ring to mount lens backwards. Speedlight with mini-softbox coming from top left. Close-up of Pentax K1000 camera.

f6.7 – 1/180 – Speedlight handheld with mini-softbox on the bottom right side of this light fixture.