Glass with bokeh

f2.5 – 1/180 – Speedlight with mini-softbox on left side aimed at background and second speedlight aimed to the right with reflective rogue flashbender on right side of speedlight bouncing light back into background. Both speedlights at same level as glass. Crumpled foil as background and semi-gloss white foam board under glass.


f1.8 – 1/180 – Speedlight with reflective umbrella on left side.


f6.7 – 1/180 – Speedlight with blue gel coming from front, left. Speedlight with honeycomb grid handheld on the front, right side.

Story behind the photo

I found some fabric that I really liked and my wife, Rebecca made me a pillow with it. I love it!

Wine glass on blue background

f1.8 – 1/180 – Speedlight with blue gel aimed at background at low power. Crumpled foil as background. Glass is sitting on black to enhance shadows in glass.

Glass vase

f6.7 – 1/180 – Speedlight with light blue gel aimed at white background. Vase was sitting on white, but by shooting downward, the image came out dark, with just highlights in the glass. Slight vibrance adjustment and vignetting added.


f6.7 – 1/180 – Speedlight with half-closed umbrella on front left and another bare speedlight aimed at background reflecting back into apples.


Lighting setup

f6.7 – 1/180 – Lighting setup shown above.

Children's book

lighting setup

f6.7 – 1/180 – Lighting setup photographed above. Using a speedlight with half-closed umbrella

Mountain Dew bottle

f6.7 – 1/180 – Alien Bee light with shoot-through umbrella on front left side. One speedlight on each side aimed at background. Speedlights at lower power to keep green color in bottle.

Willow Tree couple

lighting setup

f6.7 – 1/180 – Lighting setup shown above. I used my mini softbox as a mini reflector on the front, right side. I love finding new ways to use my gear.